Saturday, 11 April 2015

Jennifer Nelson

Last week I had a Skype meeting with the lovely Jennifer Nelson. She is an agent who represents some of the worlds most talented artists. She has started a new branch of her business where she offers advice to artists. You can find more information here at Advice for Artists. I would highly recommend a chat with Jennifer if you have any concerns about a contract or would simply like Jennifer to look through your portfolio and offer feedback.

During my chat with Jennifer, we discussed my portfolio and strategies for getting my work out their to a wider audience. Her feedback and advice was constructive and invaluable. I came away with a list of things 'to do', not only in my work but on social media platforms. I feel extremely motivated and positive about my next steps forward.

Thank you Jennifer Nelson.

One of Jennifer's recommendations was to work on more florals. Here is one I have just finished. I have a few more in the pipeline and look forward to finishing them. You will see more floral pieces from me soon.

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