Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Digital Collage

Good morning! It's a beautiful, sunny day in Melbourne, Australia. I have dropped my daughter off at school and my son off at daycare. Now I have got a whole 6 hours to myself! What a luxury!! Today I am going to work on another pattern and print sent. I'm thinking of an underwater scene but will see how this goes. When I start something, it doesn't always turn out the way I thought it would!

This week in MATS with Lilla Rogers we learnt about the wall art market. We were asked to create a collage using either traditional media or digital (but traditional was highly recommended). We were giving colours depending on our birthdays. Mine was yellow and pink! Then we all went on a bit of a scavenger hunt around the house to see what we could find.

This project was a bit of a challenge from me as I haven't picked up a paintbrush since high school! So I spent a whole day playing around with textures and swirls, ink splatters and watercolour drips, torn tissue paper and gold foil.

Here is my finished piece. All elements created digitally were scanned into my computer and pieced together using Photoshop.

To my surprise, I found I really enjoyed putting this collage together. So I thought, why not work on another one. 

Both of my collages can be purchased on my Society6 store.

Fabric8 Spoonflower Compitition

I recently joined Spoonflower as I love creating patterns and thought it would be a great place to upload some of my designs.

I was super excited to see the 2014 Fabric8 competition. The contest theme is Cosmic Voyage and the winner gets the change to release a fabric range with Robert Kaufman! What an amazing opportunity!

So I decided to work on a design. I thought the idea of constellations would be nice. I wanted the design to be bright and fun so I choose bright colours on a dark navy blue background.

I keep on coming back to the design and changing little bits but overall I am pretty happy with it.

You can vote for my design by adding it to your favourites! Come on, I know you want to! wink wink.

You can find this design and other patterns I have created on my Spoonflower Store.

Starting my Blog

It seems that every artist I know has their own blog, so why not me? So here's a little about myself.

I started my creative career by stepping into a trade. Three years at trade school and I was a qualified Signwriter. I'm not so good with the tools and couldn't cuss as well as the blokes so I was put to work on the computers designing layouts for vehicle and shop signage. I also ran the digital printers.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I decided to embark on my own creative journey by starting a graphic design store on Etsy. It was the best decision I ever made! I quit my day job and stayed at home with bubs whilst building up my designs on my Etsy store.

After six months of selling designs on Etsy, I decided to start my own website.

But then I got bored!! I wanted to branch out! Find other artists and create more exciting work. So I started an e-course with the amazing Lilla Rogers. Another great decision as I have learnt so much and met some wonderful people.

So this is where I am at!

Here are some of my most popular designs on my Etsy store. I hope you like them.

Little Vikings

Bear Family

Flower Birds

Kawaii Girls