Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fabric8 Spoonflower Compitition

I recently joined Spoonflower as I love creating patterns and thought it would be a great place to upload some of my designs.

I was super excited to see the 2014 Fabric8 competition. The contest theme is Cosmic Voyage and the winner gets the change to release a fabric range with Robert Kaufman! What an amazing opportunity!

So I decided to work on a design. I thought the idea of constellations would be nice. I wanted the design to be bright and fun so I choose bright colours on a dark navy blue background.

I keep on coming back to the design and changing little bits but overall I am pretty happy with it.

You can vote for my design by adding it to your favourites! Come on, I know you want to! wink wink.

You can find this design and other patterns I have created on my Spoonflower Store.

1 comment:

  1. This is so unique! I've seen dozens of constellation fabrics before, but this really stands out with the colors, patterns, and depth. Great job!